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At Monterey Acupuncture, we offer various forms of treatment. With the combination of  herbal medicineacupuncture treatmenttherapeutic massage, cupping therapy, exercise, and dietary therapy, our goal is to bring you healing, restoration and an improved quality of life. We place great emphasis and priority on finding the root cause of your condition utilizing a whole-person approach and designing a customized treatment plan that is unique to the desired outcomes of each individual.

Your treatment will be tailored uniquely for you based on the evaluation, assessment and  goals.

Once you are ready to begin the treatment, your acupuncturist will provide a therapeutic treatment session while you relax on one of the heated massage tables and listen to relaxing music. The needles, once inserted, will usually be left in place from 15-45 minutes and the duration of the session will always depend on the technique and desired outcomes tailored specifically for you and your condition and needs. At the end of the treatment, we may recommend Chinese Herbal Medicine if deemed necessary or beneficial to your treatment plan and goals.

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