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Chinese Herbal Medicine is an integral aspect of healing and can be a powerful supplement to acupuncture care.

Using a variety and combination of herbs such as ginkgo, ginseng and green tea, Chinese herbal medicine works to restore balance to the body. From common cold and digestive disorders to hormone and endocrine disorders, treatment can help a wide variety of diseases and conditions.

If you are interested in taking Chinese Herbal Medicine, be sure to speak to a trained and licensed practitioner who has experience and knowledge in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

At Monterey Acupuncture, we provide thorough herbal consultation and assessment to evaluate your condition and symptoms to understand the root cause of your ailments and prescribe a treatment plan that is uniquely individualized for you. We also use the highest quality ingredients and herbal supplements made by reputable companies that test for contaminants to ensure the highest quality and consistency of the herbal product.

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