Meet Your Acupuncturist

Meet Your Acupuncturist

“Welcome! My name is Jooman Lee and I am a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist.

Monterey Acupuncturist Dr. Jooman Lee

My passion for eastern medicine grew out of my own pain and journey as a patient seeking treatment for chronic pain and fatigue. Despite countless doctor visits and treatment approaches, I was unable to find healing. When all pharmacological drugs and treatments failed, I turned to eastern medicine. During this time, I experienced a profound transformation and healing, leading me to pursue further studies and training to not only heal my own body, but to help others live a life free of pain.

Traditional Chinese Medicine isn’t just a job or a career for me – it is a personal calling and vision that was birthed through my own pain and discovery to health and healing. It is from this place of personal passion and a sense of mission that I hope to bring you healing, restoration and an improved quality of life.


True healing and wellness is not simply an absence of symptoms or illness
– it is a complete physical, mental and emotional well being and balance.

Monterey Acupuncture places great emphasis and priority on finding the root cause of your condition utilizing a whole-person approach and designing a customized treatment plan that is unique to the treatment goals and desired outcomes of each individual. At Monterey Acupuncture, you will receive top quality care in a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment to facilitate optimal healing.

Our mission and commitment to you is to provide you with a highly restorative and healing experience and we are here to listen to your concerns and provide you with the attention, care and treatment you deserve.

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