Monterey Acupuncture Cupping Therapy


Cupping therapy is a form of treatment that uses suction to place rounded glass cups on the skin to improve circulation, relax the tissue and improve blood flow.

The pressure that the cups create draws blood to the affected area, increasing your blood flow overall. The increased blood flow can relieve muscle tension, improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and also help with the common cold, asthma and sinus infections.

Generally, cupping therapy is used to treat chronic pain— musculoskeletal pain and headaches, in particular, which is often a physical manifestation of chronic stress.

During treatment, Dr. Lee will place a warm cup upside down on your skin, creating a suction that will cause your skin to rise and the blood vessels to expand. Generally, cupping therapy lasts anywhere from 5-15 minutes depending on the diagnosis. It is truly a wonderful, relaxing and safe treatment modality to improve your overall health, mood and energy level.

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